Dennis Watlington Aqua Therapy

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    Dennis Watlington Aqua Therapy
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    Dennis Watlington
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  • Director:
    Caroline Phipps
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    Executive producer Ned Brokaw
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    Caroline Phipps, Dennis Watlington, richard Rosenbaum
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    Caroline Phipps
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    Richard [email protected] hydrant
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    Richard Rosenbaum
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    Killer Tracks
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  • DP:
    Alex Lage, Caroline Phipps

Dennis Watlington who moved through poverty and addiction, on to higher ground as an Emmy Award winning writer and author, is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Chasing America: Notes of a Rock ’n’ Soul Integrationist”, and is an inspiration to thousands of readers.
In June 2011, this father of three suffered bilateral strokes that left him virtually paralyzed. 48 hours later he suffered a massive brain stem stroke that put him in the ICU. Aided by the love of family, friends and colleagues Dennis continues on the road to recovery.

Dennis started Aqua therapy in 2014 and is making tremendous strides towards becoming whole again. His Classmates and friends at the Hotchkiss School and his companion Caroline Phipps are spearheading the effort to raise funds for his rehabilitation.

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