EYE April fools Day

  • Title:
    EYE April fools Day
  • Client:
  • Year:
  • Director:
    Richard Rosenbaum and Bill Gross
  • Creative Director:
    Richard Rosenbaum and Ed Rradford
  • Writer:
    Richard Rosenbaum, Bill Gross, Ed Radford
  • Producer:
  • Post Production Supervisor:
    Richard Rosenbaum
  • Editor:
    Richard Rosenbaum
  • Music:
    Ryan Smith, lisa Morsberger
  • DP:
    Oren Sarch, Bryce Leysath, Jeff Hedberg, Richard Rosenbaum, Ryan Smith, Jeff Cahn

The EYE group consists of Tom Smith Marcy Freedman, Ed radford, Alexi Brock, Richard Rosenbaum, Rob shepperson, francesca Samsel, Chuck Davidson performing April fools day at Convergence in Chelsea NYC.

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