House of Walker

  • Title:
    House of Walker
  • Client:
    Johnny Walker, Agency Havas
  • Year:
  • Director:
    Andrew Gant
  • Creative Director:
    Darren Moran
  • Producer:
    Deepa Joshi
  • Post Production Supervisor:
    Andrew Cravotta
  • Editor:
    Richard Rosenbaum
  • Music:
    Wool and Tusk
  • Link:
  • DP:
    Luca Fantini

A profile of Gary Field, founder of Career Gear by House of Walker. The House of Walker is an innovative initiative by Johnny Walker dedicated to celebrating not just past accomplishments by notable people, but to their commitment to looking ever ahead.
Fifteen years ago, Gary Field fit the profile of many of Career Gear’s clients – unemployed, recovering substance abuser, having just completed a job readiness program. He scraped together $50, bought a used suit for his interviews and successfully landed a job. Within five years, he completed his undergraduate studies, received a Master’s degree in social work and set about the business of helping men in similar positions get and keep satisfying jobs.

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