Road Trip with G. Garvin EP 213 – G’s West Coast

  • Title:
    G's West Coast
  • Client:
    PowerHouse Productions and Cooking Channel LLC
  • Year:
  • Director:
    Laura J Corwin
  • Creative Director:
    Rochelle Brown-Johnson and Sonia Armstead-Pittman
  • Writer:
    G Garvin, Rochelle Brown Johnson, Leon Tinker and Rich Rosenbaum
  • Producer:
    Leon Tinker Supervising Producer, Gonenman Walbe Senior Producer
  • Post Production Supervisor:
    John Miller
  • Editor:
    Richard Rosenbaum senior editor and Rob Leshin assistant editor
  • Music:
    Killer Tracks
  • Link:
  • DP:
    Hugh Walsh

G Garvin explores Southern Cuisine on the West Coast in Episode 212 of the second season of the award winning show “Road Trip with G Garvin” for the Cooking Channel

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