Sprinklr over Central Park

  • Title:
    Central Park
  • Client:
  • Year:
  • Director:
    Richard Rosenbaum
  • Creative Director:
    Jan Zlotnick
  • Writer:
    Jan Zlotnick
  • Producer:
    Dana Barakat
  • Post Production Supervisor:
    Richard [email protected] hydrant
  • Editor:
    Richard Rosenbaum
  • Music:
    Wool and Tusk
  • Link:
  • DP:
    Animation by Jorge Diaz, Graphcs by Marija Miljkovic

Animation by Red Hydrant for social media system created by Sprinklr. Over 450 of the world’s largest brands are transforming their business. Why? Because they know the connected consumer has a powerful voice. Social media management at scale.

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